IFVOD for FireStick

Here is how to download and install ifvod for Firestick using the simple guide. Since we have already discussed the IFVOD app in detail on our homepage.  Now it’s time to bring the guides that will let you know how to get this amazing app on other devices.

You already know that IFVOD is popular due to its multi-platform availability. So it can be downloaded on any device mainly running on Android oriented operating system. But the developers made sure to add a special Windows and Mac platform too.

A complete guide on How To Install IFVOD for Firestick/Fire TV 2022

You need to download the IFVOD Apk file from the given link below.

Since IFVOD app needs some commands to be executed with the mouse toggle. So you must need a Mouse Toggle app for your FireStick tv. Here is how you can do it.

First Step: Download IFVOD Apk:

We all know that IFVOD.apk was officially designed to run on Android devices. So it has that touch functionality on.

So for the Firestick IFVOD app installation. We need to get the latest IFVOD apk file downloaded on our system.

ifvod tv app for Firestick


Here is the latest Apk IFVOD file info and Download Links:

File name: IFVOD.Apk
File Size: 21.6MB
App Version: 1.5.1
License: Free
Update Date: 15 September 2022
IFVOD.Apk Download Link:

Second Step: Download and Install Mouse Toggle on Fire TV:

This is an important tool to run most side-loaded apps on your FireStick or Fire TV. You should download the Mouse Toggle tool to easily navigate in all third-party (Unknown Source) installed apps.

This tool also works great with LiveNet TV, Swift Streamz, ShowBox, Terrarium tv and many other such apps.

Now let me guide you through how to download and install the mouse toggle app right now.

  1. First of all make sure to enable the Unknown Sources option.
  2. Now move to Settings > Developer Options > ADB Debugging > Enable.
  3. Now Install the Downloader app.
  4. Go to Download Settings Tab and Enable Javascript.
  5. Mouse Toggle 1.06 Works fine on the Firestick / FireTV.
  6. Now once you choose the perfect version just Install the Mouse toggle app.
[wpsm_update date=”2018.12.29″ label=”Update”] Mouse Toggle 1.11 for Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 1, Fire TV Stick 2, Fire TV [/wpsm_update]

That’s it. Now that you have both

  • IFVod Apk
  • Mouse Toggle

Now you can easily download and install IFVOD on Firestick /Fire TV. Follow this step-by-step guide along with visual pretension.

How to Install IFVOD app on FireStick / Fire TV:

It’s now the time to use your Mouse Toggle tool in this guide.

1- Starting with Main Menu, hover your mouse pointer over settings.

2- Click the Device Option.

3- The new menu pops up, Click on Developer Option.

4- Now click on the Apps from Unknown Source Option. (It’s clearly turned Off).

ifvod tv firestick

5- Choose the Turn On option.

6- Now move back to the main menu and hover the search icon on top of the screen.

7- Type in ” Downloader” and Click Download.

8- This will download the “Downloader” app. If you asked for access, make sure to click on Allow.

ifvod for firestick

9- Click OK if the update Notification pop up.

10- Now a new URL field will show up. Click OK to let the keyboard show up.

11- It’s time now to write this URL in the field: https://bit.ly/2PG4s4I

OR https://github.com/IFVODandroid/ifvod_Android/releases/download/IFVOD_1.5.1.apk Complete URL for the IFVOD TV Apk file download.

ifvod install firestick tv

12- This will prompt for the IFVOD app installation. Tap on Install and in 10-20 Seconds it will be done.

That’s it. Now you have successfully downloaded and installed IFVOD app on FireStick or FireTV.

This similar method can be applied to other Android-loaded TV or LED sets. If you want to install ifvod tv app for other devices, head to our homepage at: https://ifvodtvapp.com